Library Management Solutions

Enterprises with large numbers of ebooks require to serve and manage ebooks through a library solution, with a single web-based backend system to upload ebooks with necessary metadata. The ebooks may be accessed by users through a library interface on the institutional website, or using native library apps to be downloaded from Google Play and iOS app stores. Vijua proudly provides this complete solution for institutes to have their very own branded e-library.

The institute receives the luxury of designing the content within Kotobee Publisher and using all the interactive elements within pages. This solution is similar to owning the iBooks library system by Apple, but cross-platform and for use only by the institute's ebooks.

In addition to uploading the ebook files, the following functions are provided to the library administrator:

  • View and manage list of registered users with different user roles
  • View and manage list of books
  • Add metadata to each book, such as author name, description, keywords
  • Moderate comments
  • View advanced statistics