Interactive Ebook Development

Vijua's prominent service offering lies in ebook creation and design. With years of experience in ebook content and technologies in various business sectors, Vijua delivers ebook products with outstanding quality. Ebooks created may be ported to multiple platforms, such as mobile OS (Android, iOS), web, and desktop.

For users of the ebook creation framework: Kotobee Publisher, Vijua provides complimentary services to help with creating optimized content for Kotobee. Instead of merely displaying text and image content, more variety can be added such as 3D, video, audio, etc. The more variety existing in content, the more attractive the ebook becomes be the reader. Part of Vijua's services is to assist in creating suitable optimized content for ebook pages

3D Modelling

Kotobee uses the SEA3D file format to display 3D objects. 3D objects may contain animations as well, triggered sequentially when the user clicks/taps on the 3D model. 3D objects may be created using SEA3D Studio or the 3ds Max Exporter plugin. A lot of help and tutorials are available at

To reduce development complexity for the user, our team is extending its services to offer complete 3D modeling and animating, optimized for Kotobee ebooks.

App Development

Ebooks have been redefined to be not only pages with interactive elements within, but also interactivity outside the pages. These come in the form of utility apps that can assist the reader/student, accessible anytime from the ebook interface. Examples of such apps may be: discussion groups, games, send a question to the course instructor, solve past exams, use a simulator, send feedback, etc. Options are unlimited. These apps are not included in Kotobee Publisher, but rather developed manually with your specific requirements into consideration. Our services team is ready to develop such apps for you.

Interactive Animations

Open a wide range of possibilities from interactive tests and applications to tutorials and games inside your ebook's pages. For interactive animations, Flash file format (swf) is used. Multiple modes can be chosen for each animation. This features gives a rich user experience, especially for educational needs. Entire applications can be built and embeded within the page. Kotobee's services team is ready to develop these applications for you.