Kotobee Publisher is an authoring software allowing users to create multi-platform interactive ebooks enriched with useful tools, running on multiple platforms. Produced ebooks may be exported as a native app to Android and iOS, or converted to a web or desktop application. Ebook content may be designed from scratch or imported from a PDF.

Kotobee Publisher supports many interactive objects within the pages such as:

  • In-page video
  • Audio regions
  • 3D interactive objects
  • Augmented reality
  • Interactive animations
  • Mathematical formulas
  • Zoom regions
  • Selectable text
  • Interactive motion
  • Galleries and slideshows
  • Multiresolution images

Along with the ebook content, users are equipped with a variety of utilities that makes the ebook app a true research tool. The reading user will be able to visually takes notes and store them in a repository. In addition, he will be able to highlight sentences, and lookup words in Google or Wikipedia. He will be able to search throughout the whole book for certain keywords. He will be able to make bookmarks and start off from where he ended. Kotobee will allow you to create your own branded ebook app, with your selected and customized design and interface. Kotobee is continuously updated for more features and interactive components.

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